Engineering means development

Günter Schwarz Fix Nippel GmbH & Co. KG has a long heritage of development and design. Today we understand our business as maintaining our competences in order to offer new developments and best quality to our clients.

Our excellence is specialisation: from optimising the yet existing products to the development of innovations.

We are working with modern CAD-systems, but not as end in itself. We also always care for an optimum of our client’s economical benefit.

Fully automated production lines with present-day control techniques claim non-stop investments. But along with up-to-date production know how, they pay off – when only the best results are good enough.

In-time delivery is understood, due to computerised ERP. A fast processing of orders includes the improvement of logistics and flow of material.

• conventional lathes
• modern CNC lathes
• centres for futher treatment: milling, drilling, screwing